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Welcome to MetaOracle Research

       MetaOracle Research specializes in finding and analyzing  information. Whether you are looking for details on an obscure regulation, want to research an industry, or are looking for new clients, I can help. Through searching a variety of sources, analyzing existing data, or conducting studies I can find answers to a variety of questions. I have been in business for more than five years, and have worked for clients such as award winning business woman Jody Steinhauer and pop star Nelly Furtado.

       I have experience in searching not only the sections of the internet accessible by search engines, but also the much larger 'deep' internet which cannot be accessed through Google. I also have experience in academic and library settings, with statistical analysis, and in carrying out direct research by interviews, surveys and other methods.

       While I can find conduct searches on any topic, I specialize in the areas of copyright law, technology, marketing, and the social sciences.

Contact me for:
-Market research
-Recruitment research
-Competitive intelligence
-Statistical analysis
-Conducting surveys or interviews
-Contact information of potential clients
-Impact analysis of new technologies and ppolicies  

generally anything you need to know more about.

Unsure about whether MetaOracle is right for you? Contact me for a free sample.

Inquire for Rates. I accept payment in all major currencies by check, money order, or credit cards through PayPal.

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Dylan Kyle, BA, MA